Topics related to labour welfare measures

Later, his own health suffered. They do not generally result only in monetary benefit. An employee is able to abstract talented works from the employee market by providing attractive welfare facilities.

The purpose of lab welfare is to bring about the development of the whole personality of the worker to make him a good worker and a good citizen.

This insurance scheme provides adequate insurance coverage of employees for expenses related to hospitalization due to illness, disease or injury or pregnancy. For more information go through - Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, Many non-statutory welfare benefits may include the following schemes: Welfare facilities may be provided on religious, philanthropic or some other grounds.

Such compulsion was necessary because the employer believed in exploiting labour and treating it in an unfair manner. In every organization, especially factories, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided. The functional theory of labour welfare. It enacts legislation under which managements are compelled to provide basic amenities to the workers.

The placating theory of labour welfare. Consequently, in this particular factory, there came to exist an excellent creche and a well-organised dispensary. Various assistant programs are arranged like external counseling service so that employees or members of their immediate family can get counseling on various matters.

For several reasons, such as low wages, lack of education, and so forth the workers are at present unable to take care of themselves. They are, therefore, like minors, and the employers should provide for their well-being out of funds in their control.

It so happened, however, that the children born to him died as soon as they were born. But times have changed, and the concept of welfare, too, has undergone changes.

There is the story of a big Jain employer who firmly held the belief that the provision of welfare facilities for workers was outside the duties of the management. Moreover, the different approaches to labour welfare reflect the evolution of the concept of welfare.

He felt that, as a compensation, or expiration or even as an investment in a good deed punyamhe should liberally contribute to the creche in the factory as well as to other child-welfare institutionsand also to medical services for his workers.

EXTRA — MURAL Activities cover the services and facilities provided outside the organization such as, housing accommodation, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, amusement and sports, educational facilities for adults and children, provision for libraries and reading rooms.

Employees secure the benefits of high efficiency, cordial industrial relations and low lab our absenteeism and turnover.

Inspired by this belief, some employers plan and organise canteens and creches. The public relations theory of labour welfare.

This could be done by making the labour work for long hours, by paying workers low wages, by keeping the workplaces in an unhygienic condition, by neglecting safety and health provisions, and by ignoring the provision of elementary human amenities, such as drinking water, latrines, rest rooms and canteens.

Workers are like children who are intelligent, but not fully so.Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)-Related Information. 1: Measures against taken by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Labour and Welfare (1) "Measures Against Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy(BSE) in Japan (Interim Report)" by Food Safety Commission (2) Questions to Food Safety Commission about measures against BSE in Japan.

Thus the welfare measures play an important role in improving the productivity level of the labour’s and reducing the labour turnover and absenteeism making it possible for the management to bring the best out of them while rewarding them accordingly.

a study of labour welfare measures at sail – salem steel plant a project report submitted to.

Sep 19,  · A Project Report on EMPLOYEE WELFARE MEASURES for HDFC Insurance Standard Life, Coimbatore If you want a word file of this project please do comment, like & share and just send a personal mail to [email protected] labour welfare in order to enforce the minimum standard of health and safety of the workers.

Employers have to observe the rules relating to working conditions, hours of work, hygiene, safety, light, ventilation, sanitation etc. Government has increased the statutory control of labour welfare.

Mar 15,  · Basic Policies & Related Notifications Current Situation and Protective Measures for Radioactive Materials in Foods (PDF:1,KB) Standards, etc.; the Notification on Designating the Radioactive Substances Designated by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare under the Provisions of Item(I)(1).

Topics related to labour welfare measures
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