An analysis of the history and movements of the duck species in canada

Habitat use and productivity of Canvasbacks in southwestern Manitoba, The considerable variation in size, appearance, and geographic distribution among Canada geese has caused considerable debate among taxonomists about how to classify these birds. Back to top Credits Hepp, Gary R.

Geese breeding in the northernmost reaches of their range tend to migrate long distances to winter in the more southerly parts of the range, whereas geese breeding in southern Canada and the conterminous United States migrate shorter distances or not at all.

During spring and autumn migration, individuals concentrate at key staging and stopover areas, where they are particularly vulnerable to disease outbreaks and sport harvest.

Clinal size variation in Canada Geese affects morphometric discrimination techniques. But even though all of these movements have been put in place, countries such as Japan continue to hunt and harvest whales under the claim of "scientific purposes". There are many misconceptions about the origins of these "resident" geese.

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Close Thompson and Drobney ; Haramis, G. Recently, some communities have had to begin considering some Canada Geese as nuisances for eating grass or fouling lawns or even hazards around airports, where collisions with planes can be very dangerous. The Bush administration lifted a policy that required federal officials to consult a wildlife expert before taking actions that could damage endangered species.

This may have been made more common by the abundance and conspicuousness of artificial nest boxes; in some areas it happens in more than half of all nests.


Goose use of the coastal habitats of northeastern James Bay. Such introductions may be termed alien or invasive species. Individual females typically lay eggs per clutch, but some very full nests have been found containing 29 eggs, the result of egg-dumping.

Canada Goose

In winter, Geese can remain in northern areas with some open water and food resources even where temperatures are extremely cold. Breeding and wintering ranges.

Close AndersonAnderson, M. In some cases the invasive species compete with the native species for food or prey on the natives. The species rates a 6 out of 20 on the Continental Concern Score. But Canada geese also grub for roots and tubers and feed on various seeds and waste cereal grains.

And for those of us with a passion for waterfowl, they offer a welcome connection to the wild in suburban settings. Protein and amino acid composition of tundra vegetation in relation to nutritional requirements of geese. Foods of Canvasbacks and Redheads in Nevada: Survival of hatching-year female Canvasbacks wintering on Chesapeake Bay.

Most Canada Geese do not breed until their fourth year; less than 10 percent breed as yearlings, and most pair bonds are unstable until birds are at least two or three years old.The Canada Goose is the most widely distributed goose in North America, and a characteristic species of the Nearctic avifauna.

In North America, it breeds from eastern Labrador to western Alaska and is the only North. Duck Stamp. History of the Federal Duck Stamp; Buy Duck Stamps; E-Stamp; they are often considered pests.

All species of Canada geese are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act; however, if you are a landowner, Banding allows scientists to track movements of individual birds to study dispersal and migration.

Molecular analysis (two types of mtDNA) found that this species was sister to B. sandvicensis#R.

Endangered species

Until recently, considered conspecific with B. hutchinsii (which see). Has hybridized in captivity with several species of Cygnus, Branta, Anser, also with Alopochen aegyptiaca and Cairina moschata, and in the wild only rarely with Anser.

An endangered species is a species which has been categorized as very likely to Quantitative analysis showing the probability of extinction in the wild is at least 20% within 20 years or five (IWC).

But even though all of these movements have been put in place, countries such as Japan continue to hunt and harvest whales under. An analysis of the history and movements of the duck species in canada A partial listing of some new texts Jump to: navigation, search Free.

Age Determination of American Black Ducks in Winter and Spring E. PAUL ASHLEY,1 Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region, hereafter black duck), a species of special concern in the black duck life-history characteristics vary by age have gone.

An analysis of the history and movements of the duck species in canada
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